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Car accidents cause injuries, unpaid medical bills, lost wages and transportation problems.

Your Annapolis area car accident lawyers are here to help you resolve. From air bag injuries to drunk driving accidents, our award winning team is here to help you face any challenge. George Patterson is a Board Certified Civil Advocate and Truck Accident Attorney. Let's get started.

Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Victims Recover their Dignity

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Airbag Injury

We understand that an airbag injury feels more like being hit by a boxer than falling onto a pillow.

Back Surgery with Future Lost Wages

Highly compensated back breaking work is often no longer an option after back surgery.

Settlement Value

This Car Accident Settlement Value Guide describes the factors that will inspire insurance companies, judges and jurors to compensate your car accident injury claim.

Car Accident Trials

If you are unable to resolve your car accident injury claim you must decide where to file the case and for how much.

Drunk Driving Accident

About 170 people a year are killed in Drunk Driving Accidents in Maryland.

Illegally Parked Car Accidents

An illegally parked car is one that is in violation of a parking regulation.

Minimal Property Damage Car Accidents

If you were injured in a "minor" car accident you will need a trial lawyer.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy occurs when a person's sympathetic nervous system still believes that a body part is injured after that injury has resolved. CRPS or RSD causes intense sensitivity and pain.

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