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Patterson Law helps car accident, medical malpractice, criminal and truck accident clients to recover. Your recovery is our focus.

A recovered client is the goal of Patterson Law. Our injury lawyers help clients through life disrupting events such as car accident injuries, injuries from medical mistakes and turmoil from criminal charges.

These events disrupt the lives of clients and their families.  Successful medical care from specialists in their respective fields is owed to people that have been wrongfully injured. Insurance companies resist this obligation leaving clients concerned about finances while they try to recover. Patterson law fights to make sure that necessary medical care is paid for by the responsible insurance companies. Recovering lost wages, compensation for the countless difficulties imposed by an injury and an insurance company accepting responsibility is necessary to recover. The injury lawyers at Patterson law are ready to help immediately after an accident to develop a plan to recover.  This spans returning to work, obtaining the best medical treatment, documenting all harms caused by the defendant and obtaining a recovery through settlement or at trial. Recovery is about restoring our clients and their families to the lives they knew before the injuries. To the extent that is not possible, our injury lawyers will find experts that can evaluate your losses and recommend services to help the injured and their families. Criminal charges may be unfounded or a sign that a problem needs to be addressed.  Patterson Law helps such clients recover from criminal difficulties.  The dignity of our clients is paramount and the dignity of our clients is paramount to the recovery process. Recover with Patterson Law!  Call 301-888-4878 to discuss your case.

Our practice areas

Car Accident

car accidents

Car accidents often leave victims with injuries, unpaid medical bills, lost wages and transportation problems.

Truck Accident

truck accidents

A truck driver may lose his job if he is found to be at-fault for an accident. Can you count on that driver to admit his mistake?

Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accident victims often face more serious injuries and they are usually subject to greater scrutiny in accident cases.


About Us

Patterson Law is an established Maryland law firm that handles motor vehicle accidents, premises liability cases, medical malpractice claims, criminal charges, domestic violence and wrongful death claims. Your recovery is our focus.  

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George Patterson

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Maria Patterson

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Patterson Law takes pride with every client that recovers. Recovery is more than the settlements and verdicts obtained for our clients. Each and every one of these clients had been shepherded through a process where powerful insurance companies fought to defeat or minimize their claims. Each result represents a client’s dignity being affirmed.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident or suffered a serious personal injury due to someone else's negligence please contact the best personal injury lawyers at Patterson Law. George Patterson has been featured in an article published in the Best Lawyers in America. The "best" injury lawyers may be reached at their Annapolis or Bowie offices at 301-888-4878.

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