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Cerebral Palsy often requires a lifetime of costly care and medical services.

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder of motor function and movement usually as a result of central nervous system damage to a developing brain.

Cerebral Palsy A Life Changing Injury At The Starting Gate.Cerebral Palsy and an uncertain future

Cerebral palsy is usually caused by damage to the central nervous system to a baby just before birth, during birth or just after birth. A child with cerebral palsy may suffer from a delay in developmental milestones, symmetrical paralysis to parts of the body, paralysis to one half of the body, seizures, mental retardation, decreased muscle tone and spasticity of muscles. Cerebral palsy arises from damage to the brain and this damage can be mild to severe. The severity and scope of these birth injury symptoms depends on the extent of the brain injury. The condition can not be cured but treatment is available.

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy is often not made while the baby is at the hospital. Most people are diagnosed with the condition by their second birthday. The diagnosis is often made and/or corroborated as developmental milestones are reached at later than expected dates. Cerebral palsy can be relatively mild leading to some cases going undiagnosed. Other cases involve serious limiting conditions like a neurogenic bladder, visual disabilities, cognitive impairments, and severe movement disorders that can contribute to a decreased life expectancy.

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Correlation Does Not Equal CausationMedical Malpractice may still be to blame if your child was premature or small.

Most cases of cerebral palsy are due to the baby being deprived of oxygen (asphyxia). Most cerebral palsy cases are due to asphyxia during delivery and postdelivery. A smaller percentage of cerebral palsy cases are due to factors before birth such as infections, maternal diabetes, exposure to toxins, being premature and subject to maternal fevers. The condition is more common in babies with a very low birth weight. A low birthweight and/or premature baby may still be subject to and more vulnerable to medical errors during and after delivery that may cause the damage.

Quality prenatal medical care and following safety procedures during the delivery of a baby can prevent cases of cerebral palsy. Prenatal care of a mother with diabetes is important. Keeping the diabetes under control can minimize the likelihood of a baby suffering from cerebral palsy. If a mother develops an illness or infection prompt medical care is important to avoid the baby from developing cerebral palsy from an infection or a fever.

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Cesarean Sections are performed for the safety of the mother and/or the fetus. If a fetus is in distress as reflected by problems with heart rate and oxygen levels a C-Section may need to be completed within 30 minutes and under certain situations more quickly.

Fetal Distress Often Precedes Cerebral PalsyFetal Distress is a Warning

Quality care during the delivery of a baby is where most cases of cerebral palsy can be prevented. Managing complications during labor and delivery is the responsibility of the doctors and nurses. Perinatal asphyxia, birth asphyxia and neonatal asphyxia are all terms for a condition where an infant is deprived of oxygen for long enough periods during the birth process to cause damage, usually to the brain. Damage can occur to other organs nut the damage to the brain is the least likely to fully recover. A difficult or delayed delivery is something that a doctor would investigate as a potential cause of cerebral palsy. The monitoring performed at a hospital during the delivery process is in part designed to minimize the chances of cerebral palsy. Contractions during labor can squeeze the infant. The contraction can squeeze the head causing some blood to be forced out of the head. In such cases as the contraction subsides blood flows back into the infant’s head. The contractions are monitored to make sure they are not lasting too long or are not too strong.

The heart rate of the infant is also monitored. It an infant is being deprived of oxygen then signs of fetal distress are likely to follow. There are multiple difficulties during delivery that may result in asphyxia. Conducting a Cesarean section or a C-section is one method to end the fetal distress or to avoid it from occurring. A C-section must be performed in a timely manner. An unnecessary delay in performing a C-section is medical malpractice that can lead to cerebral palsy.

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Cerebral Palsy often requires painful and challenging physical therapy. The trauma of this condition is heightened because the public often assumes that people with cerebral palsy suffer from severe mental disabilities when most are cognitively normal.

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