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Propane Explosions Cause Permanent and Disfiguring Burns

Propane explosion cases often require an investigation by a fire cause and origin expert.

RecoverRecovering from the burns is just the beginning

Propane explosion lawyer George Patterson has successfully handled claims for people burned by a propane explosion. Propane explosions can occur as a result of a defective product, improper maintenance, a failure to use warnings and failing to install shut off valves after removing propane appliances.

Most propane explosions result from a failure to follow safety rules adopted in codes and industry standards. Propane suppliers under certain circumstances have duties to place warnings on propane delivery systems and to secure those systems until a proper test of the system is conducted. By code individuals that remove propane appliances are supposed to cap the propane line that went to the appliance. Otherwise a new occupant may turn the gas supply on and not realize propane gas is entering the home. In addition, propane appliances are supposed to have a shut off valve installed near the appliance. The purpose of this requirement is to make it easy for an individual removing an appliance to shut off the propane to the line that is no longer needed. In properties with multiple appliances, a new occupant may turn the propane on at the tank to use one appliance without realizing that there is an uncapped propane line that is still connected to the system. Propane explosion lawyer George Patterson has litigated claims involving this serious violation of fire and safety codes that resulted in serious burns.

A segment of the population is unable to smell the scent added to propane to warn people of a propane leak.

Safety Rules For PropanePropane Explosion Lawyers

Propane, kerosene, natural gas and other explosions require an understanding of the applicable statutes, regulations, rules and case law. George Patterson has successfully litigated explosion cases that resulted from the alleged violations of industry standards, codes and landlord-tenant laws. In many cases an investigation is required to determine who the responsible party is for the explosion. There are duties imposed by codes, laws and the industry that govern the safe use of propane and flammable liquids and gasses. A simple violation of one of these safety rules can result in your claim being barred. It is imperative that you discuss an explosion involving a flammable gas or liquid with an experienced attorney. It is preferable that an attorney get involved before fire investigators and similar authorities conduct interviews.

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