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Distracted Driving Accidents Tied to Cell Phone Use

Cell phones are addicting. Just like addictions to drugs and alcohol, this addiction is the cause of many horrific car accidents. Attorneys George and Maria Patterson started handling car accident claims before cell phones were in almost every car. Every year George and Maria Patterson have helped those injured by people that were distracted by using their cell phones.

Driver Texting Kills Husband And Nearly Kills WifeDistracted driver blows through stop sign to cross a four lane highway

Texting while driving is a serious problem and is leading to numerous car accidents. Car Accident lawyers George and Maria Patterson have seen a steady increase in car accidents where cell phone use is alleged. It is often very difficult to prove that someone was texting while driving at the time of a car accident. Lawyer, George Patterson handled a wrongful death case where the use of a cell phone while driving was firmly established. The car accident occurred when a young driver drove through a stop sign and entered Route 301 in Upper Marlboro. Her car was immediately broadsided by George Patterson’s clients. The driver died at the scene and the passenger sustained severe abdominal injuries and underwent 14 surgeries. A Prince George’s County police officer was at the scene and pulled the unconscious driver out of her car. The unconscious driver was still clutching her cell phone. The use of the cell phone was also verified by cell phone records. Most victims of texting while driving accidents will not have the benefit of a police investigation and accident reconstruction that occurs with a death case. The immediate attention of an experienced car accident lawyer is often needed.

Texting Driver Faced Criminal Prosecution In Landmark CaseFamily recovers an additional $80,000 due to insurance company error

The case received media attention and the driver was unsuccessfully prosecuted for manslaughter in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County in Upper Marlboro. Since this accident the laws in Maryland have changed and it is a traffic offense to text while driving. The at-fault driver had the minimum insurance limits permitted by the State of Maryland. George Patterson’s clients had a $100,000 single limits insurance policy with under insured motorist coverage of $20,000. The insurance company failed to obtain a signed waiver for the lower under insured motorist coverage as required by Maryland law. Accordingly, attorney George Patterson was able to obtain an additional $80,000 of insurance coverage for his clients.

The average text causes a driver to divert their eyes from the roadway for five seconds.

Mr. Patterson is a very courteous, knowledgeable and efficient lawyer. He was very attentive to my case and very accessible. His consideration was very much appreciated when dealing with the stresses associated with filing suit. He handled all matters relevant to the case brilliantly and, above all, he was considerate and unpretentious. I was thrilled with the outcome of my case. Mr. Patterson acquired a settlement which was over 100 times the initial offer of the insurance company. I would thoroughly recommend mr. Patterson as an exceptional lawyer and if ever the need arises for future legal assistance, I would definitely return to Mr. Patterson for his assistance.


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Due to the length of time a driver is distracted by a text the texting while driving accidents typically involve far greater property damage, injuries and often involve the loss of life.

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