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Personal injury lawyers prepare injury cases to fully document what our injured clients have endured.

Your Annapolis area personal injury lawyers are here to help you resolve. From swimming pool injuries to limousine accidents, our award winning team is here to help you face any challenge. Let's get started.

Personal Injuries

The Annapolis personal injury attorneys at Patterson law handle car accidents, truck accidents, dog bite, slip and fall, and motorcycle accident cases.

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Dog Bite

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Annapolis

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Distracted Drivers Hit Pedestrians

Premises Liability

Slip and falls, dog attacks and other injuries occurring on someone else’s property usually require one to navigate through several difficult legal issues. The Annapolis premises liability lawyers at Patterson Law can help.

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Allergic Reaction

Anaphylactic shock is terrifying

Black Ice Fall

Commercial property managers should be able to anticipate the conditions that will cause black ice and treat the paved surfaces with chemicals or salt.

Tenant Fell on Black Ice

Tenants develop an expectation that the landlord has properly treated icy pavement that appears wet.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Most traumatic brain injuries or concussions do not involve a visible head injury or a bleed in the brain documented by a CT scan. Insurance companies resist paying for injuries that are not visible or documented by a radiological study.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Maryland attorney George Patterson has handled several injury cases involving a medical condition that is often poorly understood by insurance adjusters and many doctors.

Inadequate Hotel Security

Hotels provide a home away from home for their guests. A guest is entitled to be protected at a hotel as any homeowner. Maryland law requires hotels to provide the highest level of care.

Inflatable Slide Lawyer

Inflatable slides are safe if used according to industry guidelines and monitored by a trained supervisor. Inflatable slide lawyer George Patterson became certified to operate advanced and basic inflatable amusement rides to help Maryland Residents injured by these moon bounces and similar inflatable amusements rides.

Propane Explosion Lawyers

Propane explosion cases often require an investigation by a fire cause and origin expert.

Single Step Fall

Single steps violate building codes because they are dangerous and often unnecessary.

Supermarket Fall

Supermarket falls claims are usually denied by insurance companies.

Swimming Pool Injury

Mixing liquid chlorine with muriatic acid will release toxic chlorine gas which is a severe irritant to the eyes, nasal passages and lungs. These two chemicals are in use at most large pools. If you have sustained a chemical burn or suffered respiratory distress at a pool the most likely cause is one or both of these chemicals.

Tall Step Fall

People that trip or fall on a tall step have a difficult time obtaining help from personal injury lawyers. The fall victim often struggles to explain why they fell. This is particularly true when they fall as a result of a tall step that is clearly visible.

Wrongful Tree Removal

Maryland law permits land owners to recover for trees that were wrongfully taken down or destroyed. If the tree was taken down from a property where the tree had a unique value, the land owner may be able to recover the cost of restoring the property.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck accident litigation requires a full understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act Regulations, Commercial Driver’s License Manuals, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act Compliance Manuals, federally mandated record keeping requirements for motor carriers, common carrier law, civil trial law and civil pretrial law. Finding a lawyer that is experienced and knowledgeable in all those areas of law is a difficult task. Fortunately, the American Bar Association has accredited three board certifications issued by the National Board of Trial Advocacy that cover these fields. George Patterson has all three Board Certifications. Free consultations with the truck accident lawyers are available at Patterson Law's Annapolis or Bowie offices.

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Bus Accident

Bus drivers owe a high duty of care to their passengers and are regulated by safety rules to protect other motorists.

Limousine Accident

Limousine drivers owe a High Duty of Care to their Passengers.

Common Carrier Duties

Common Carriers include taxi, Uber, Lyft, bus and limousine drivers.

Party Bus Accidents

Party Bus accidents and injuries require knowledge of commercial motor vehicle laws, premises liability laws and alcohol serving laws.

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