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Physical TherapyStrokes From Chiropractic Treatment

Improper chiropractic care can cause Strokes.

If you suffered a stroke following chiropractic treatment the stroke may have been caused by improper chiropractic care.

Forceful Chiropractic Manipulations Damage ArteriesArterial Injury can Cause a Stroke

Chiropractic care is often sought for neck pain and headaches. Certain chiropractic manipulations involve rapid movements that place significant stress on the neck. Within the neck there are vertebral arteries and carotid arteries. Trauma to these arteries by a chiropractor performing manipulations may result in the formation of blood clots that travel to the brain and result in strokes.

The underlying injury is a vertebral or carotid artery dissection. These are typically caused by abrupt spontaneous movements of the cervical spine. These injuries have been documented following chiropractic manipulations. A chiropractor should perform manipulations with care to avoid trauma to the arteries. Some chiropractors may attempt to avoid responsibility for strokes by obtaining the consent of patients to manipulations with an understanding that the procedure may involve the risk of a stroke. This is known as informed consent.

What to expect?Strokes from Manipulations Usually Occur Shortly after the Manipulation

For a chiropractic malpractice case to proceed there must be a documented connection between the stroke and the chiropractic manipulation. The closer in time the stroke occurs to the manipulation the better the chances are that the manipulation caused the stroke. The onset of the stroke may occur immediately after the manipulation. In other cases, the strokes have occurred anywhere from hours to within a couple of days following a manipulation.

The location of the stroke within the brain will indicate whether the blood clot originated from a vertebral artery closer to the back of the neck as opposed to a carotid artery that is near the front of the neck. The location of the stroke and the damage caused by the stroke may be documented by a MRI and/or a Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA).

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The most vulnerable spot for a dissection of the vertebral artery is at the atlantoaxial joint. The atlantoaxial joint where the vertebral artery travels is located at the base of the skull and the spinal column.

Urgent Stroke Care RequiredThe Chiropractor has a Duty to Seek Urgent Care for the Patient

If the signs and symptoms of a stroke occur after a chiropractic manipulation it is imperative that the patient immediately be transferred to an emergency room for immediate care. Prompt medical care can minimize and potentially avoid permanent brain damage from a stroke. A chiropractor has a duty to look for the signs and symptoms of a stroke following a chiropractic manipulation and to seek emergency medical care for any patient that is exhibiting such signs.

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Many surveys have found that chiropractors have the highest customer satisfaction among health care providers. Many patients are thus hesitant to believe that their stroke may have occurred from a spinal manipulation.

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