what to doInstructions for any circumstance

It’s important to stay calm and follow our tips during a difficult situation.

TIP #1Stay Positive

Accidents and injuries should be overcome. A positive attitude will improve your chances of a good recovery.

TIP #2Seek Medical Attention

Injuries are compensated if they are medically documented. Untreated injuries are rarely compensated and never compensated fully.

TIP #3See a Specialist

Medical specialists are more likely to identify and successfully treat your injuries.

TIP #4Request a Disability Slip

If you miss work due to injuries the time missed must be documented as medically necessary due to your injuries.

TIP #5Photograph Your Injuries

Emergency room doctors frequently fail to document all injuries. If the injury is not documented it will not be compensated.

TIP #6No Recorded Statements

Insurance companies will quickly request a recorded statement for the purposes of establishing a basis to deny your claim.

TIP #7Keep Medical Appointments

Failure to attend prescribed medical appointments will hurt your chances of a quick recovery and fair compensation for your injuries.

TIP #8Disclose Prior Injuries

Your doctor can exclude prior injuries as a cause of your current complaints if he knows about the prior injuries.

TIP #9Call a Lawyer

An injury claim is valued based on a stack of medical records, photographs and various documents. A lawyer that is there from the beginning can improve the chances that the records accurately reflect your damages.

TIP #10Avoid Social Media

Whatever you post on social media may be viewed by the insurance company or their lawyers.

TIP #11Accept Help

Friends and family will help get you through an accident or injury. Those that help are in the best position to explain to a judge or jury what you went through.

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