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Surgical ErrorsParalysis Due To Surgical Error

Paralysis after surgery and medical procedures is often preventable

Paralyzed by a Surgical Error

The Spinal Cord And Nerves Are FragileLegal Help for those Paralyzed by Surgical Errors

The spinal cord is fragile and can be damaged by direct mechanical injury as well as indirectly by a vascular or chemical injury. The most common spinal cord injuries are from compression and contusions. Any surgical procedure near the spine including epidural injections may result in bleeding. This is particularly true if the patient was on anticoagulants or blood thinning medication. Bleeding near the spine may result in blood pooling and compressing the spine. This compression may be sufficient to permanently damage the spinal cord resulting in paralysis. Infections leading to an abscess at or near the spinal cord often requires rapid treatment to prevent paralysis.

The nerves that exit the spinal cord can suffer injury resulting in paralysis at locations further from the spine. These nerve injuries will result in more localized paralysis. For example, an injury to the long thoracic nerve may result in paralysis of the arm. Damage to the laryngeal nerve may result in paralysis of the vocal cords. Damage to facial nerves may result in paralysis of one side of the face. During surgical procedures nerves may be carelessly severed. As a general rule, surgeons should look before they cut.

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Nerve Injuries Can Occur From Direct Or Indirect ContactParalysis Caused by Medical Errors

Paralysis may also occur due to failure to diagnose and timely treat an injury. For example, a patient with serious vertebral fractures could sustain a further injury if the spine is not properly immobilized or the fractures are not properly treated. It may also result due to improper positioning of the patient during surgery. This may occur when a patient is placed under anesthesia and a part of the body with a nerve is permitted to rest against a hard surface. Nerve damage at or near the elbow during surgery may occur if the elbow is permitted to press against a surgical table and no padding is used. The longer the surgery lasts the greater the chances that a surgical error due to positioning may result in permanent nerve damage.

Damage to the vascular supply of the spinal cord or a nerve may result in damage to the spinal cord and nerves from the tissue being deprived of a blood supply. Also, paralysis may occur due to a traumatic injury leading to the development of compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome occurs when an injury swells within a compartment of the body creating pressure that damages that tissue within the compartment. Paralysis from compartment syndrome can be prevented if the pressure in the compartment is timely released by performing a fasciotomy.

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Surgical Errors That Cause A Lifetime Of HardshipLegal Help For the Victims of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors causing paralysis often leaves loved ones and their families with burdensome medical bills, lost income and longterm care requirements. Many of the same surgical errors can cause paresis which is weakness as opposed to a complete loss of motion.

In addition, paralysis results in patients being more susceptible to multiple health problems. These problems include many circulatory ailments and pressure ulcers. Secondarily to decreased activity and mobility may victims suffer from conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Due to paralysis there is a decrease in sensation. This often results in patients suffering from burns and superficial injuries.

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