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Motorcycle accident victims often face more serious injuries and greater scrutiny in accident cases.

An Annapolis motorcycle accident lawyer understands the challenges faced by motorcyclists when confronted by an emergency and the long medical recoveries.

What To ExpectMotorcyclists' face unique challenges when confronted with an emergency.

An Annapolis motorcycle accident lawyer helped a motorcyclist recover after . . .

A motorcyclist enters an exit lane from the highway. He begins to slow and the car that was behind the motorcyclist is now next to the motorcyclist. At this moment he sees a disabled car blocking the exit lane, next to a concrete barrier. He forcefully applies his brakes. He monitors his front tire to make sure that he doesn’t grip the front brake too hard or the bike will flip. A witness interprets this as the motorcyclist not paying attention because he is looking down. The motorcyclist checks to see if there is room for him to make a lane change. The other cars are too close and releasing the brakes to steer is too risky. In a flash he must choose to crash into the car or lay the bike down.

He crashes into the car, breaks his knee and ankle instantly. He flies through the air and lands in the right through lane. Unable to move he hopes traffic sees him and is able to stop.

This trauma is followed by accusations of racing when he entered the highway. A driver saw another sports bike and assumed they knew each other and thought they were driving too fast. Another witness thought the motorcyclist was not paying attention because he was looking down as he applied his brakes instead of forward. The insurance company gleefully denies the claim. With the backing independent witnesses and jurors that are unsympathetic to motorcyclists, the insurance company expected an easy victory.

Motorcycle accident lawyer George Patterson helped this client recover after another lawyer fired the client after the insurance company recited the statement from an independent witness.. If you need help from a motorcycle accident lawyer call Patterson Law to speak with a Top 100 Maryland Super Lawyer and a Client’s Choice Motorcycle Accident Lawyer award recipient.

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What to DoGet Help and Preserve Evidence

The motorcycle accident victim had a family member photograph the scene and the skid marks. A photograph taken at the scene showed where his body landed in the roadway. An accident reconstructionist coupled the photographs with google earth and calculated the length of the skid marks, the location of the car and how far the motorcyclist flew through the air. The accident reconstructionist proved the driver was not speeding, applied the brakes within a normal reaction time and did not have time to stop his motorcycle. The insurance company rejected the expert’s findings and relied on the independent witness testimony. The insurance company hired their own accident reconstructionist that was unable to dispute our evidence. The insurance company still denied the claim and claimed that the motorcyclist was at fault for not avoiding the car.

The motorcyclist was awarded more money than the insurance policy for the driver of the car that abandoned the car in a travel lane. This is just one example of many cases where our motorcycle accident lawyers have successfully defeated insurance company denials.

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How To Recover And Protect YourselfMotorcycles are subject to different insurance requirements and often are unfairly blamed for accidents.

Annapolis Motorcycle accident lawyer George Patterson has litigated dozens of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents and car accidents may be caused by the same violations of the rules of the road, but motorcycle accidents create several unique issues.

Most motorcycle insurance policies do not provide personal injury protection or (“PIP”). PIP is available in most car accident cases and pays for at least $2,500 of medical treatment without having to prove who was at fault for the accident. Motorcycle accident lawyer George Patterson can guide you through the process of obtaining quality medical care for your injuries even if you do not have health insurance or personal injury protection.

In all accident cases your lawyer needs to establish that the other driver was at fault. In motorcycle accident cases, the other driver often fails to see the motorcycle before the accident. The driver must either admit that he failed to see a motorcycle that was there to be seen or allege that the motorcycle driver was speeding, made an unsafe lane change or failed to have his lights on. These allegations may be difficult to disprove and will require an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to refute the allegations.

Motorcyclists tend to have catastrophic injuries. Most motorcycle accident victims suffer road rash. The road rash may lead to cosmetic damage and scarring necessitating the services of a plastic surgeon. A motorcycle accident lawyer can arrange for an estimate from a plastic surgeon to surgically improve the scarring left from road rash. The road rash may also have damaged a tattoo. Motorcycle accident lawyer George Patterson has successfully recovered monetary damages for a tattoo damaged in a motorcycle accident. These are all damages that an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover.

Head injuries are also common in motorcycle accidents. A traumatic brain injury or concussion often occurs in motorcycle accidents even if a helmet was worn. Football players suffer concussions in games while wearing helmets and the forces in those games are often far less than the forces in a motorcycle accident. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and are suffering from any signs of a concussion it is important that you are seen by a neurologist. Most people involved in severe motorcycle accidents are taken to the emergency room or shock trauma center and given a CT scan of the brain. Medical experts in court routinely explain to juries that CT scans of the brain are not designed to rule out a concussion but to rule out more serious conditions such as swelling of the brain or a bleed in the brain. These experts explain that a normal CT scan of the brain after a motorcycle accident does not mean that the motorcyclist did not suffer a concussion. Neurologists offer treatment and important medical guidance to those that have suffered concussions or traumatic brain injuries. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Patterson Law have represented motorcycle accident victims that have suffered serious head injuries, broken bones and permanent scarring.

Fractures that often require immediate surgery are seen in motorcycle accidents. Fractures to the wrists, forearms, tibia, fibula, pelvis, ribs and femur are not uncommon in motorcycle accidents. Many of these fractures require the insertion of pins and rods. These fractures are often associated with permanent damage to the previously smooth joint surfaces and connective tissues. A bone that fractures where it meets a joint space will often heal with a rough or irregular surface. The imperfections in the joint surface will often lead to rapid arthritic changes. Insurance companies will often not compensate these as permanent injuries without medical opinions being properly documented and obtained. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can make sure that your treating doctors or independent experts document the full extent of your injuries.

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Motorcyclists follow additional driving rules and utilize different driving techniques that are often misinterpreted by other motorists.

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