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Dangerous Chemicals Are Present At Most Pools.Legal help for a Pool Injury by a former Certified Pool Operator

Prior to becoming a lawyer, George Patterson worked as a lifeguard and a certified pool operator at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland. Public pools are required to have a certified pool operator on the premises. It is the responsibility of the certified pool operator to minimize the risk of a pool injury. The operation of a large pool involves the use of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals include muriatic acid and liquid chlorine. Pool chemicals can result in serious burns and severe inhalation injuries. The certified pool operator is responsible for the safe use of pool chemicals.

Violations of the rules that a certified pool operator is trained to follow may risk serious injuries to pool guests and lifeguards. Every day before a pool is opened the water is supposed to be tested. A pool operator may not let people in the pool until he or she has verified that the pool water is safe and a lifeguard is on duty. If a swimmer sustained a burn or suffered from respiratory distress this is a strong indication that the required safety protocols were not followed.

Inhaling chlorine gas can cause hypoxemia which is an unsafe level of oxygen in the blood as well as lung damage.

Unsupervised Pools Are DangerousLifeguards are trained to follow rules to protect swimmers

Pools should be adequately supervised. The pool water should be clear so that the attending lifeguard can see the drain in the deep end of the pool. Failure to maintain clear pool water jeopardizes the ability of a lifeguard to watch all swimmers. Pools are also supposed to be adequately marked with warnings about locations where diving is prohibited. George Patterson has litigated claims involving inadequate supervision of recreational activities that have resulted in paralysis. Prior to becoming a lawyer, George Patterson worked as a lifeguard and pool operator.

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Muriatic acid and liquid chlorine are often used independently by pool personnel to clean stubborn stains and mildew. Accidentally mixing these chemicals can cause severe eye, lung and skin burns.

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