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ResultsHead-On Car Accident Trial In Rockville

Car accident lawyer, George Patterson successfully tried a car accident case in Rockville.

Montgomery County Circuit Court is considered unfriendly to personal injury clients. Attorney George Patterson successfully pursued a head-on car accident case in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County for two deserving clients.

Maximum Verdict Permitted By Maryland LawMontgomery County Car Accident Victims Recover

On February 16, 2011, Rockville car accident lawyer, George Patterson obtained a judgment for $1,576,747.00 in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County located in Rockville, Maryland. The award represented the maximum amount allowed by law for non-economic damages plus the complete medical bills for the survivor of a severe head-on car accident. The impact knocked their van off the roadway and it rolled over. The client sustained fractures to his leg, pelvis, neck, back and elbow in the car accident. The client, a resident of Damascus, Maryland battled severe infections from the surgical wounds to repair his badly fractured leg. The antibiotics he was given resulted in a Clostridium difficile (C-diff) infection of his colon that necessitated the removal of his large intestine.

Pre-Impact Fright VerdictNon-Economic Damages

Rockville Car accident lawyer, George Patterson also recovered $150,000 for the passenger that had less than $8,000 in medical bills. The unusually high award was based on the pre-impact fright of the passenger plus being trapped upside down in a van next to her critically injured husband for over 30 minutes.

The force that causes injury to occupants in a car crash derives from the change in speed and the time that it takes for the change in speed to occur. The greater the change in speed the greater the force exerted on the body of the car accident driver. The shorter the duration in the change of speed the greater the injurious force is to the occupant of the car.

A head-on collision results in a greater change of speed over a shorter duration than a moving car hitting a stopped car. When a car hits a stopped vehicle from behind the striking car does not come to a stop immediately but continues forward as the struck car is moved. A head-on collision with vehicles traveling at a similar speed results in a more rapid change in speed. A head-on collision produces a similar destructive force to the occupant of a car to that of an occupant in a car that runs into a fixed immovable object like a brick wall.

Experienced Car Accident LawyersHead-On Car Accident

The head-on car accident lawyers at Patterson Law have litigated dozens of head-on car accident cases. These cases often involve disputes as to which driver crossed over the center line causing the accident. Accident reconstructions and independent witness testimony is often needed to prove that a particular driver caused the head-on car accident.

Maria handled my personal injury case. She spent an extensive period of time to learn about my case at the beginning. I immediately saw that she was caring and compassionate and so personable. In hindsight, I now realize that all of the information that she gathered was used to organize my case in a way so that the insurance company had no choice but to be sympathetic to my case. The opening offer was more than I anticipated! Maria was able to talk about hundreds of cases that she had tried in order to make the insurance company understand the depth of my suffering and injuries. I was delighted with the settlement outcome!!


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Head-on car accidents often involve serious injuries from the engine being knocked into the driver’s legs and airbags deploying. In addition, the occupants typically suffer serious pre-impact fright damages because they see the approaching car before the crash.

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