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George and Maria Patterson Honored by Avvo Clients’ Choice Awards

Patterson Law is proud to share these Annapolis lawyer client reviews. Clients of Patterson Law recover. Recovery is about the client’s dignity being protected, an acknowledgment of wrongdoing by the other party and a fair settlement or verdict. We hope these reviews reflect that George and Maria Patterson believe that holding people responsible for dangerous behavior is a dignified and worthwhile pursuit. We believe the search for a personal injury or criminal defense lawyer should begin by reading Annapolis lawyer client reviews.

Motorcycle Accident Client Review

I retained Mr. Patterson on behalf of my father after he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that was not his fault. Our experience with him could not have been better. He exceeded our expectations in every way. He was not only concerned with the case, but showed genuine concern for our well being. He made himself available and always thoroughly explained things to us through every step of the process. He did a great job, and while the whole situation was very hard on us, working with him was a great experience. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone in a similar situation.

Client Injured From A Fall In Shopping Center Parking Lot In Bowie

Mr. Patterson recently settled a premises liability case for me. I understand that most attorneys shy away from these types of cases but Mr. Patterson was very willing to take my case. However, he was very honest that it might be a challenge. He was methodical in his planning and approach to help us obtain the best outcome. Mr. Patterson engaged critical subject matter experts that really helped uncover all the facts and magnify the negligence in my case. He never gave up on me and the outcome of my case was better than expected. This is actually the second time Mr. Patterson has handled a legal matter for me and in my opinion is the only attorney I would ever consider.

Client Injured After Tripping Over A Curb That Exceeded The Height Permitted By Building Codes

I have never had to use legal services before, and throughout the entire process Mr. Patterson kept me up to date on a regular basis, and helped me come to a generous outcome. His combination of philosophy, knowledge of economics, and years of experience make him the supreme advisor and champion when deciding to go in a legal direction. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of my case.

Motorcycle Accident In Prince George's County Resolved By Arbitration

My wife found Mr. George Patterson in the yellow pages (she wanted a lawyer in the Upper Marlboro area where we live). Mr. Patterson represented me in my pedestrian accident/insurance case. He “always” kept me abreast of my case in language I could comprehend and understand. My case was found in my favor due to Mr. Patterson’s tenacity, diligence and hard work. Thank you Mr. Patterson!

Annapolis Lawyer Client Review

I found Mr. Patterson by doing a general Google search. Keep in mind that I’ve never hired an attorney before. I came in for a consultation and he and his staff were very friendly. After the consultation, I’ve decided to hire Mr. Patterson because of his professionalism and his positive attitude. He was very knowledgeable and kept me informed through every step of the process. I was very satisfied with how Mr. Patterson handled my case and with my settlement. I would absolutely hire him again and I would highly encourage anyone who needs an attorney to hire him as well.

A Review By A Client For An Inadequate Hotel Security Case And A Car Accident Case

This was my first experience working with a lawyer, and George made it an extraordinary experience. Not only did he initiate the consultation by coming to my home because I was too badly bruised to make the drive to his office, but he also answered all of my calls and emails in a timely fashion. When it became time to present my case he ensured I was kept abreast to all information and I was completely prepared to proceed. George won my case because he is an awesome and knowledgeable lawyer, who genuinely cares.

Car Accident Client Review

George is a great lawyer and did a great job to present himself in the courtroom. This was my first time in needing a lawyer, and if I have any other trouble I will definitely go to George. I would recommend him 100% to anyone who needs legal advice and wants to get a good settlement. He is very professional and very honest. Honesty is a hard thing to find these days, so take it from me and make a smart decision. Thanks again George.

A Review By A Client For An Inadequate Hotel Security Case And A Car Accident Case

George Patterson did a fantastic job representing me in two cases. He looked out for my best interest and investigated all avenues in presenting my case. He is highly professional and a very strategic thinker, which you need to deal with large insurance companies.

Motorcycle Accident In Prince George's County Resolved By Arbitration

This was my first experience working with a lawyer, and George made it an extraordinary experience. Not only did he initiate the consultation by coming to my home because I was too badly bruised to make the drive to his office, but he also answered all of my calls and emails in a timely fashion. When it became time to present my case he ensured I was kept abreast to all information and I was completely prepared to proceed. George won my case because he is an awesome and knowledgeable lawyer, who genuinely cares.

Wrongful Death Case

George is an excellent lawyer. He is very knowledgeable concerning the cases he has worked for me and I recommend him to everyone who is looking for an attorney. He is very dedicated to your cause and he has always been very efficient. Anyone can call him and if he feels he isn’t the right attorney for your case he will recommend someone who he feels could help you better or someone more knowledgeable in that legal issue.

Annapolis Lawyer Client Review

I was in a car accident and George Patterson took my case without hesitation and gave me great advice. He explained each process and all the possible outcomes. He was very upfront and was very responsive to all my questions. I had other representation that did not work out and when I needed to find someone to talk to or get an update they were nowhere to be found. Mr. Patterson really took his time to make sure my needs were met and never left me in the dark. He took on my case when others would not and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an excellent lawyer. I am grateful for everything he has done and for fighting for me as a victim of a car accident.

Car Accident Client Review

Working with George was just great. He listened to me thoroughly and was very compassionate about my case and situation. During the entire process, he was very forthcoming with information that he found and gave lots of suggestions and examples for previous experiences. The entire process was very structured (which I like a lot), so there’s no room for confusion or misunderstanding. In regards to answering questions, returning calls or keeping me posted on progress, I could not have asked for more. One thing that I appreciate greatly is communication. Thank you.

Motorcycle Accident Client Review

Mr. George Patterson was the fairest and kept me informed from the first time I sat down, to the favorable conclusion. He gave me great advice, and from his skilled knowledge I had no worries, but to heal from my injuries. If you are looking for a lawyer that is professional and isn’t going to rip you off you found him with George Patterson.

Car Accident Client Review

Mr. Patterson not only handled my case in an exemplary manner, but he always kept me informed. Every detail of my case was thoroughly explained, and my questions were clearly answered. I truly appreciated his knowledge and experience. For his honesty, compassion, dedication, skill, and professionalism, he earns my deepest respect. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mr. Patterson to anyone who wants to be treated like a real person rather than a dollar sign.

Car Accident Client Review

George Patterson is one of the best attorneys that I have ever worked with!!!!! I found him on AVVO and the reviews are so true about him. I am very pleased to have worked with him!! I would recommend him to anyone that needs a great attorney!!! He will work for you and with you!!! Thank you George so much for all that you have done.

Single Step Fall Client Review

I am so grateful that my husband found George P. Patterson, Esquire to represent me. My husband did thorough research of his background and was very impressed with George’s many accomplishments. George Patterson, Esq., did an absolutely superb job representing me all during my complaint processes for a slip and fall accident. He is truly an outstanding Attorney who is very ethical, diligent, unpretentious, and a great communicator. He provided outstanding support, advice, and was always accessible. He always returned phone calls and emails promptly and he very clearly described complex legal processes in terms that I could easily understand. George effectively advised, educated, and guided me. He was always patient, available, and scoped out the entire process in such a clear way that it made a potentially very stressful situation an educational and interesting experience. His thoroughness in detailing potential outcomes was very impressive and quite helpful in my decision making. He was always open and honest about what to expect and provided great counsel for me. He never pressured me but rather outlined the pros and cons of my complaint for my decision making. He is both brilliant and personable…a rare combination, and he has tremendous integrity. I am so fortunate to have found him. Needless to say, I am very pleased with my outcome!!

Client Review From A Work Related Car Accident Case

George Patterson is very informative and a very well experienced lawyer. I think anybody that George helps no matter if it’s just a question or if he is handling your case, you are very lucky. I trust George’s guidance and legal advice that I now have him handling my wife’s case. I recommend George to everyone because I know he’s worth it. He fought for my case and helped me through my recovery. So, I know he will do the same for you.

A Premises Liability Client Review

I found Mr. Patterson through the Avvo website, and I am so glad I contacted him. The initial consultation was thorough and not rushed, he was very informative and gave me his honest opinion on matters, as well as answer any questions I had. Throughout the case, he always kept me informed and promptly replied to any concerns I sent to him, whether through email or phone. I was never once left wondering. He was very organized, kept on top of things, and I believe his representation and things he did to help my case were the primary reason for the positive outcome, and the reason it was settled as soon as it did. My case settled quicker than I had expected, all things considered, and resulted in a very good outcome. I would highly recommend Mr. Patterson for legal representation, he displays the utmost professionalism and has a pleasant disposition, a pleasure to work with.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Client Review

I was in an accident in April of 2010 and had two lawyers prior to hiring George Patterson who did nothing to move my case along. I hired Mr. Patterson in October of 2012, he was in the process of moving offices but never let that affect his work. He worked hard to resolve my case and kept me well informed. He responded to my emails right away and was very knowledgeable. It is the middle of January 2013 and my case has now been resolved and finalized. He did more for me in less than 3 months than two other lawyers did in 2 years. He is amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a tough personal injury case like I had. He was always very honest and told me we may have to go to a jury to resolve my case. He was able to settle out of court and I am extremely thankful to him and his team. Meet with him and you will see that he isn’t a lawyer who only cares about money his first priority is his clients

A Client Review For An Accident Caused By An Illegally Parked Truck

After frantically searching online for an attorney to help my 26 yr old son with an auto accident case (in which my son was injured), I came across George Patterson and decided to contact him. George immediately set up an appointment to meet with me and my son to discuss his case. My son and I were very impressed with George and decided to hire him to handle the case. Throughout my son’s case George was very professional, patient, knowledgeable, and reliable. He consistently kept my son informed about the status of his case and answered questions, as needed. George made us feel that he truly cared which was very important to us. We sincerely appreciated George’s professionalism, as well as his genuine kindness. My son and I will definitely recommend George Patterson to anyone seeking an excellent attorney!

Client Review For A Car Accident Case Resolved By A Jury Trial

Mr. Patterson represented me in an auto accident case. He was at all times very personable and professional. His work ethics are exceptional. He provided outstanding support, advice and was always accessible. I truly appreciate his knowledge, experience, honesty, compassion, dedication, & professionalism. He earns my deepest respect. Without reservation I have and will in the future recommend Mr. Patterson to anyone looking for an excellent attorney. Thank you Mr. Patterson and God bless.

Federal Tort Claims Act Client Review

George is very personable and professional. He was very effective working with the opposing counsel and judges in my case. He was always available to talk and was patient in answering my legal questions. Highly recommended.

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