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The lawyer that you meet with at Patterson Law is available to handle your case from the start through trial. Hire a contingency fee lawyer that will handle your case from the start to finish for a reasonable legal fee.

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Annapolis and Bowie based car accident lawyers George and Maria Patterson handle car accident cases on a contingency fee basis plus costs with a free consultation. A contingency fee is a fee that depends on the outcome of the case. In a contingency fee car accident case, the client does not owe a legal fee unless the attorney obtains a recovery. The terms of the contingency fee agreement are detailed in a retainer agreement and this web page is not meant to be a substitute for the written contingency fee retainer agreement.

Many injury clients focus on whether a free consultation is offered. The contingency fee lawyers at Patterson Law offer free consultations. Contingency fee lawyers generally offer free consultations. The customer should focus on the contingency fee terms and not the free consultation. Free consultations are normally offered by personal injury lawyers because the lawyer needs the consultation to determine whether the lawyer believes the case should be pursued.  Contingency fees alleviate financial pressure on car accident victims that often faced with increased expenses and a decreased income.

Reasonable Contingency FeesContingency Fees Alleviate Pressure on Clients to Settle

The personal injury contingency fee agreements offered by personal injury lawyers, George Patterson and Maria Patterson permit clients the financial freedom to wait for reasonable offer.  Contingency fees align the interests of the lawyer and the client to pursue the best recovery. Car accident clients facing mounting out of pocket costs, if suit is filed may feel additional pressure to accept an inadequate settlement for their car accident case. Patterson law advances the reasonable costs that are needed to pursue your case. If the case does not result in a recovery the client will not owe those costs.

An experienced insurance adjuster will typically offer an amount that is less than what they expect the injured party to receive in a personal injury trial. The insurance adjuster makes this offer believing that the injured party will consider the settlement offer to avoid the delay, expense and inconvenience of a trial.  Patterson Law’s contingency fee structure is designed to minimize pressure on the client to consider an unreasonable offer.

The ethical rule governing legal fees for Maryland lawyers states that the experience, reputation and ability of the lawyer performing the legal work is an important factor in determining whether a legal fee is reasonable.

Trial Lawyers With Reasonable Legal FeesUnreasonable legal fees hurt injured clients

The proceeds that a client receives after legal fees, costs and medical bills are paid controls whether a settlement should be accepted.  Patterson Law understands that the threat of a lawsuit by an experienced trial lawyer is required to elicit reasonable offers.  By advancing costs and agreeing to waive costs and fees if a recovery is not reached, Patterson Law insures that the client’s cases are positioned to place maximum pressure on the insurance company and not on the client.

The costs that are incurred in a car accident case vary depending mainly on whether the case ends up being tried in front of a jury with experts testifying or whether the case may be tried in front of a judge without experts. Car accident lawyers, George Patterson and Maria Patterson advance all costs that they recommend be incurred in car accident cases. The car accident lawyers know how to minimize litigation costs. These costs are ultimately the client’s responsibility and are deducted from the recovery after the contingency fee. George Patterson and Maria Patterson offer free consultations for personal injury cases and can discuss the costs that typically have to be incurred in most car accident cases and those expenses that can and should be avoided.

I truly appreciated his knowledge and experience. For his honesty, compassion, dedication, skill, and professionalism, he earns my deepest respect. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mr. Patterson to anyone who wants to be treated like a real person rather than a dollar sign.


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Q & AQuestions to Ask a Contingency Fee Lawyer:

Will you still be my lawyer if the case does not settle?
This is a critical question. There are some car accident lawyers that will meet with you, attempt to settle your case and if they are unsuccessful they will send your case for a lawyer outside of their firm to try.  The lawyers at Patterson Law have extensive trial experience and will on occasion collaborate with outside lawyers when it is in the best interest of the client.

How many car accident trials have you tried?
There are many lawyers that practice in several areas, like family, real estate, contract and criminal law. An experienced lawyer is important but the experience with trying your type of case is the most relevant experience. The car accident lawyers George and Maria Patterson have tried over 150 jury trials and over 1,000 judge trials.

Have your fellow lawyers and local judges recognized you as a lawyer with the highest level of skills and ethics?
There are certain honors like an AV rating, Board Certification, and selection to certain organizations that require positive reviews from Judges and fellow lawyers. You will want to select a lawyer that is respected by the Court that will hear your case and is respected by the opposing lawyer. The personal injury lawyers at Patterson Law includes a Board Certified civil trial advocate, a Board Certified truck accident attorney, two top 100 Maryland Super Lawyers, one Top 50 Maryland female Super Lawyer, and two top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers.

Have you ever lost a trial?
The answer for the car accident lawyers at this firm is yes. Trials are risky but every trial lawyer needs to be prepared and willing to take a case to trial even if it is a difficult case. A lawyer that has never lost a case may have this record due to a lack of experience, a history of terminating representation when cases become difficult, settling cases for less than they are worth, or sending cases that need to be tried to other lawyers. A lawyer that is not afraid to take a case to trial is a lawyer that inevitably will lose a trial. Contingency fees are contingent on the lawyer settling the case or obtaining a verdict. Contingency fees are only reasonable for lawyers that have demonstrated the ability to obtain great settlements and have successfully pursued cases in trial.

Why do contingency fees increase if a lawsuit is filed?
This should be asked of any lawyer that increases contingency fees from 1/3 to 40% if a lawsuit has to be filed.  Litigation costs can vary tremendously from case to case as well as from lawyer to lawyer.  A lawyer that is willing to invest his funds in a case can improve the chances of a higher verdict and settlement.  The contingency fees at Patterson Law are designed to effect the best results for the client whether the matter settles or is tried before a jury.

Will you be my lawyer if my case needs to be tried?
Bowie car accident lawyers, George Patterson and Maria Patterson handle their Maryland car accident cases through trial. It is important to ask any car accident lawyer whether they will be the one that tries your case, if a trial is necessary. George and Maria Patterson have tried over 150 jury trials and hundreds of judge trials. Car accident lawyer George Patterson is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Please review the verdicts and settlements page for a sample of their car accident and personal injury case results.

Winning a trial feels great, no matter the size of the case.

George Patterson

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