Surgical ErrorsUrethra And Bladder Injuries During Surgery

Consequences of Urethra and Bladder injuries during surgical procedures.

Urethra and Bladder injuries may require daily medical care for the rest of a patient’s life.

Improper Surgical Technique May Result In Bladder Or Urethra InjuriesDoctors should look before they cut.

A bladder injury is a recognized complication of cystoscopy, caesarian sections, urethral sling procedures, vaginal surgery, laparoscopy and intraabdominal surgeries. Most of these injuries may be avoided by careful surgical techniques. This may be as simple as looking before cutting. Urethra and bladder injuries may occur as a result of using a catheter. Some of these injuries may occur due to malpractice by surgeons, nurses and other healthcare providers. Malpractice may also occur if proper steps are not taken to correct or minimize a bladder or urethra injury once it has occurred.

Urologists should be consulted once a bladder or urethra injury is suspected. A urologist should be consulted if medical personnel has a difficult time using a catheter. Problems with using a catheter may be an indication of a medical problem that may be worsened by the use or improper selection of a catheter. Patients with spinal cord injuries are at an increased risk of urethra injuries from catheters.

Some injuries may occur without symptoms. Typically, an injury may be diagnosed when a patient has difficulty or an inability to void urine. This may be accompanied by fullness of the bladder that may be felt by the doctor. They may also have lower abdominal or supra-pubic pain. If a patient is able to pass urine this reduces the chances that the patient has suffered a severe bladder or urethral injury. Hematuria or blood in the urine is almost always present with one of these injuries. The abdomen may be distended or appear pushed out.

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Bladder And Urethra Injuries May Require Urgent CareQuick diagnosis prevents further injury

Once a bladder or urethra injury is suspected diagnostic testing should be ordered. Urinalysis should initially be performed. A urine culture should be performed to look for an infection. In addition, a complete blood count may also identify a systemic infection caused by the injury. If the injury results in the reabsorption of urine serum creatine levels will be observed. This can sometimes lead to a mistaken diagnosis of kidney dysfunction.

A CT cystogram is the best diagnostic procedure to identify a bladder injury. An injury to the urethra can be assessed by a retrograde urethrogram. This test should be performed before attempting to catheterize the patient again. This error could result in further damage to the urethra. Abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds and Ct scans may also identify these injuries.

The bladder is the most frequently injured organ during abdominal surgeries.

The bladder is the most frequently injured organ during abdominal surgeries.Sepsis is Potentially Fatal

If the bladder is penetrated by mistake during a surgical procedure then urgent surgical exploration is required to identify the injury and repair the wound. Injuries to the bladder are potentially life threatening. They invariably cause urine to leak from the bladder. The leaking of the urine into the body may result in sepsis (infection). Peritonitis and sepsis may occur if the bladder injury is diagnosed late or the patient had a urinary tract infection at the time of the surgical error. These injuries potentially may leave the patient incontinent. If the surgical error resulted in damage to the blood vessels of the bladder a hemorrhage with hypovolemic shock (shock from a rapid loss of blood) may result.

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Bladder injuries often involve minimal consequences if they are addressed quickly. The failure to timely identify a bladder injury can result in permanent damage.

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