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Brain Death Due to Untimely Stroke Diagnosis

The failure to promptly diagnose and treat a stroke may result in brain damage that otherwise could have been avoided.

Quick Stroke Treatment Minimizes Brain DamageLegal help for stroke victims.

A stroke is a brain injury caused by a reduction or interruption of blood flow within one or more arterial areas of the brain. A misdiagnosis or a failure to timely diagnose certain types of strokes may support a medical malpractice claim. Prompt diagnosis of certain strokes may permit a doctor time to administer medication to dissolve the blockage permitting oxygenated blood to reach the affected areas of the brain. Timely treatment prevents death of brain tissue. Identifying a stroke is the first step.

The most common signs and symptoms of a stroke include:

  • Severe Headache
  • Vision loss in either eye
  • Paralysis
  • Muscle weakness
  • Slurring of speech
  • Ataxia – lack of voluntary coordination of muscles. This may result in an abnormal walking pattern
  • Double vision
  • Altered consciousness
  • An inability to form language or understand language

The medical malpractice lawyers at Patterson Law offer free consultations to assess whether a claim may exist for a failure to timely diagnose or a misdiagnoses of a stroke.

Stroke Victims Should Receive Prompt Emergency CareThe benefits of treatments have a limited window of time

Any patient suspected of having a stroke should be immediately taken to an emergency room. A CT scan can be taken to determine whether the patient is suffering from an ischemic (blocked artery) or a hemorrhagic (bleed) stroke. 87% of strokes are ischemic. Medications can be administered to dissolve blood clots causing strokes. These medications can be effective if administered within three to four and a half hours after symptoms begin. The results of treatment will depend primarily on the location and size of the clot. Large vessels that are blocked are the easiest to obtain results from medication. Clots in smaller vessels are more difficult to address with medication.

The National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke provides eligibility criteria for doctors to assess whether intravenous medication therapy to dissolve a clot is appropriate. Aspirin may also be administered. If the patient’s blood pressure is high it should be treated.

Surgical treatment is an option for some patients. Surgery is particularly beneficial for patients that have severe arterial stenosis.

A study of 50,000 stroke patients found that timely treatment has a profound influence on the outcome for stroke victims. Timely treatment resulted in an improved ability to walk, to remain living independently, minimized bleeding in the brain and reduced deaths.

Timely Treatment Minimizes Brain DamageCaring for a Victim is Expensive and Strains Families Time and Finances

The average cost to care for a stroke victim during the first 6 months is $50,000. The consequences for a victim vary tremendously. The damage is controlled by the location and size of the brain injury. Significant cognitive and physical limitations often occur because of strokes. The victim may require extensive physical therapy, speech therapy, swallowing therapy and cognitive rehabilitation. In addition, victims may require assistance with their daily activities for the rest of their lives. The consequences of failing to timely diagnose a stroke and provide treatment can be life altering and very expensive. Legal help can identify and itemize the costs for such care required in the past and into the future.

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Brain damage that could have been prevented results in financial and personal strains on the victims and their families for years.

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