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Concussions, burns, lacerations and bruises are common airbag injuries.

We understand that an airbag injury feels more like being hit by a boxer than falling onto a pillow.

What Hitting An Airbag Feels LikeCar Accident Victims Traumatized by the Airbag Explosion

There is often a split second before the crash where the victim knows something terrible is about to happen. Perhaps the person thinks things won’t be so bad because my car has airbags. Guess again. This comforting thought is met with a deafening bang and what feels like a punch in the nose followed by a cloud of powder that fills your lungs as you take your first breath. Disoriented and stunned from airbag injuries and now you have to talk with the other driver, the police and ambulance personnel.

Airbag InjuriesRecover with Patterson Law

An airbag is designed to protect people from serious injuries in a car accident. Unfortunately, the deployment of an airbag is a violent event capable of causing injuries. In many car accident cases, our lawyers have seen severe burns, lacerations, head injuries and eye injuries from airbags. People are often disoriented by the explosive force of an airbag and may fail to disclose these complaints to emergency room doctors. Many car accident victims often believe they have escaped major injuries because they were protected by an airbag. Post-concussive complaints like headaches, visual disturbances, tinnitus, and memory problems are not uncommon after a car accident where an airbag deployed.

Cars have sensors at various locations that are designed to trigger an airbag to deploy. Collisions at angles or with narrow objects such as a utility pole may result in an airbag failing to deploy because the sensor was not triggered.

Experienced Airbag Injury LawyersInjured by the airbag

Airbag injury lawyer, George Patterson obtained a $22,000 recovery for a La Plata car accident client that suffered multiple airbag injuries including burns on her forearms. The client had less than $1,000 in medical bills. In another case, that George Patterson defended, a passenger in a single vehicle car accident suffered a ruptured eye from an airbag deploying. Burns, abrasions, concussions and cuts are often caused by the deployment of airbags in car accidents.

Injured by an airbag that failed

Lawyer George Patterson represented the driver of a van that was involved in a near head-on collision. The airbag on his van did not deploy. The driver sustained a laceration across his scalp from striking the windshield. The failure of an airbag to deploy can often lead to more serious injuries. Expert engineers can assess whether the airbags in a car should have deployed during a crash.

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