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Trucking companies owe a high duty of care.

Your Annapolis area truck accident lawyers are here to help you recover. From brake failure accidents to tire blowout accidents, our award winning team is here to help you face any challenge. George Patterson is a Board Certified Truck Accident Attorney and on the Board of Regents for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys. Let's get started.

Patterson Law trucking accident consultant

Jack Patterson, a licensed Class A CDL driver serves as a consultant for Patterson Law trucking accident cases.

Truck Accidents

A truck driver may lose his job if he is found to be at-fault for an accident. Can you count on that driver to admit his mistake?

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Brake Failure Lawyer

80,000-pound trucks are required to have regular brake inspections.

Illegally Parked Truck

If an illegally parked truck is struck by an approaching motorist one must assess whether the prohibition against parking in that location was because the approaching motorist would not be able to see the commercial truck with enough time to avoid a serious accident.

Jackknife Truck Accident

Jackknife accident occurs when a trailer is at a sharp angle to the tractor or a type of skid occurs where either the trailer or the tractor loses traction and slides sideways.

Left Turn Truck Accidents

Truck Companies often Restrict Drivers from Making Certain Left Turns

Night Time Truck Accidents

Night time accidents involving trucks is an enormous problem with many rules and regulations designed to prevent these accidents.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Most lane change crashes involving large trucks are due to blind spots.

Truck Accident on Ice

Large trucks are not supposed to drive on icy roads because it is foreseeable that cars will lose control.

Unsecured Cargo Accidents

Federal Law requires cargo to be secured to prevent it from leaking, blowing, shifting or spilling.

Tire Blowout Accidents

Commercial Truck Drivers are required to inspect all truck tires before every trip.

Wide Turn Truck Accidents

Truck Companies often Prohibit Drivers from Making U-Turns

Underride Truck Accident

Underride Truck Accidents are Usually Preventable

Board Certified Truck Accident Attorney

The National Board of Trial Advocacy requires that rigorous standards be met for lawyers to become a Board Certified Truck Accident Attorney.

Questions To Ask

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial motor vehicle such as tractor-trailer, dump truck, bus, limousine, tow truck, flat bed truck or a tanker immediate action is required to preserve evidence.

Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Driving a loaded truck comes with many potential hazards.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act

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Commercial Driver Duties

The Federal Motor Safety Carrier Act specifies the training and skills of a commercial driver and directs every state to only issue a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to drivers that meet these requirements.

Preventable Truck Accidents

Injury claims can be made for preventable truck accidents.

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