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Car AccidentsIllegally Parked Car Accidents

Illegally parked cars can pose dangers to approaching motorists

An illegally parked car is one that is in violation of a parking regulation.

Parking regulations are typically designed to facilitate the free flow of traffic or for the safety of motorists lawfully traveling on the road. If you struck an illegally parked car you may have a viable injury claim. A viable injury claim generally requires a finding that the car was parked or stopped in a location that endangered approaching motorists. An illegally parked car on a highway, in a travel lane, near a sharp bend in the roadway or a hill is a serious danger. Drivers that leave their cars in such dangerous locations are responsible for the injuries they cause.

Motorcyclist Seriously Injured Due To Car Abandoned In A Highway Exit LaneMotorcyclist unable to avoid parked car

Maryland car accident lawyer, George Patterson obtained a $210,000 award for a motorcyclist that changed lanes into an exit lane and was confronted by a parked car with a flat tire. The motorcyclist attempted to bring his motorcycle to a stop but was unable to do so before striking the illegally parked car. The impact propelled the driver through the air and left him with a broken leg and unable to move out of a travel lane. Fortunately, traffic was able to avoid striking the motorcyclist. The insurance company for the driver of the car denied the claim and suit was filed. The claim was originally denied because an independent witness claimed the motorcyclist was speeding, the driver of the car claimed that he sustained an unexpected flat tire and he did the best he could and that the motorcyclist should have seen the stopped car.

Accident Reconstructionist Proves CasePhysics established driver could not avoid illegally parked car

George Patterson hired an engineer from the University of Maryland to reconstruct the accident. The accident reconstructionist was able to calculate the speed of the motorcyclist at the time he applied his brakes and the speed at the time he struck the car. This evidence contradicted testimony by an independent witness that thought the motorcyclist was driving “too fast.” The accident reconstructionist was able to identify the distance that was required for a motorcyclist to perceive the stopped vehicle, react and bring the motorcycle to a stop from a speed of 60 mph. The accident reconstruction proved that it would have been impossible for the motorcyclist to stop once he saw the stopped car.

Most driver’s need at least one second to identify an illegally parked vehicle before they can apply the brakes or attempt to make a lane change.

Judge Rejects Claims To Blame The DriverDriver of illegally parked car held responsible

The driver of the disabled vehicle claimed that he was unable to move the car to a safe location because it suffered an unexpected flat tire. Aerial photographs showed that the car could have been driven hundreds of feet forward to a safe location. The independent witness also confirmed that the driver of the car failed to activate his hazards. The judge found that the motorcyclist was faced with a sudden emergency and acted appropriately. The judge further concluded that the driver of the car was negligent at a minimum for not activating his hazards. The motorcyclist suffered multiple fractures that required immediate surgery. The judge was advised that the fractures to the ankle, knee and leg would lead to the early onset of arthritis. An experienced motorcycle attorney can make sure that your treating doctors or independent experts document the full extent of your injuries. Every accident case is different and past results in other motorcycle accident cases are often not an accurate method of predicting results. A detailed evaluation by an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is necessary for a proper evaluation.

Mr. Patterson made himself available and always thoroughly explained things to us through every step of the process. He did a great job, and while the whole situation was very hard on us, working with him was a great experience. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone in a similar situation.

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As far as most insurance companies are concerned, a motorist that hits a parked car is responsible for the crash in the same way that a motorist who strikes a car stopped at a red light is responsible for the accident. This logic is flawed. Drivers have sufficient notice that they will need to stop for traffic at a red light and often little time to react to an illegally parked car.

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